Legspin and England

I’ve just been reading about the England vs Pakistan series and the exciting sight of a leg spinner on each side. Yes, an English leg spinner! A sight as rare as a Posh Spice smile. Of all the countries that play cricket only three really understand it. All three have had legendary legspinners. Australia has¬†truly … More Legspin and England

#Ashes2015 – Midpoint Analyses

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/480253192?et=V9evebmWTl95e8gG2iWddQ&viewMoreLink=off&sig=DrXuUr-zrTpk2eKKe4vOjRNkXnbs2LJkyLIwOJ3iMtg= View image | gettyimages.com It’s a brave man or a cricket journalist who would dare to offer any predictions at all on the #Ashes2015 at this,¬† the so-called midpoint of this edition of the age-old rivalry. I’m neither. I’m just a watcher eating rye. With marmalade. The first Test went to England emphatically. Everywhere … More #Ashes2015 – Midpoint Analyses

I told you so!

Now that #CWC15 is done and dusted and Australia have regained the trophy they lost briefly and the normal order of things has been restored, the experts have started talking about the changes they’d like to see. In posts dating back a few months, I had

A spell at last

3 or 4 years later, <after this story> I was in Canada, far removed from cricket. A chance remark by a friend at dinner found me searching out a cricket club in Canada. Their first question “Do you keep wickets?” “No, I don’t , but I bat a bit and bowl a bit.” They were … More A spell at last