Legspin and England

I’ve just been reading about the England vs Pakistan series and the exciting sight of a leg spinner on each side. Yes, an English leg spinner! A sight as rare as a Posh Spice smile. Of all the countries that play cricket only three really understand it. All three have had legendary legspinners. Australia has┬átruly … More Legspin and England

Second Anniversary

WordPress informs me that today marks the birthday of LeggieLefty as a blog. Wow, I had no idea this was coming up. Frankly, I’ve neglected this blog a bit. Luckily, no one has missed it, so there’s really no harm done. ­čÖé The news from the UAE is that England narrowly failed to win and … More Second Anniversary

#Ashes2015 – Midpoint Analyses

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/480253192?et=V9evebmWTl95e8gG2iWddQ&viewMoreLink=off&sig=DrXuUr-zrTpk2eKKe4vOjRNkXnbs2LJkyLIwOJ3iMtg= View image | gettyimages.com It’s a brave man or a cricket journalist who would dare to offer any predictions at all on the #Ashes2015 at this,┬á the so-called midpoint of this edition of the age-old rivalry. I’m neither. I’m just a watcher eating rye. With marmalade. The first Test went to England emphatically. Everywhere … More #Ashes2015 – Midpoint Analyses

Prosper, Race and Chucking

Prosper Utseya, the Zimbabwean pie-chucker offspinner, has laid a claim of racial discrimination against Zimbabwe Cricket. This news was reported on Cricinfo. Strangely, it has been ignored completely by every Cricinfo reader. The article has no comments at all, which is strange , given how readers there are quick to